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I’m bringing a package of those alien head balloons into the artRave btw. I’mma share with everyone around me so we can all bop them around.

All the sweet green icing

f l o w i n g


Dramatic lipsyncing of Macarthur Park at 3am.

Still waiting for a boy to come slow dance with me in my livingroom to Patsy Cline songs.


Famous Viners?


You matter so fucking much

What should the back of my jacket say? 

"Act Sleazy" or something else?

Have an oysterbabyIt’s Aphrod-i-sy. Act sleazy

I’m still bitter that someone’s screenshot of my edit on a tumblr log-on screen got more notes than the actual edit.


"do you like lady gaga?"



ik this may be a random question, but how do you get over the anxiety of meeting people?? especially people you know like you? I have bad fears that the idea of me is going to be better than the actual person.

It does seem random, but it’s totally fine!

I can’t speak for everyone, but when I start feeling anxious about meeting someone in person for the first time I talk myself through it. Either they like you or they don’t, and I know it seems like that would cause more anxiety—I realize more and more that it’s really not within my control. 

And I think that’s the key (for me anyway) release of control. I hope it helped at least a little!



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When we are all dust, no one will remember who you fucked.

So take one for the team, I’m thirsty.