10/6/2016. The "Lethal Weapon" Series | Film Franchise Fortnights

In the first episode of Film Franchise Fortnights, AJ and Richard discuss the 4 "Lethal Weapon" films: which one they liked the most, the jarring casual treatment of both nudity and homophobia in the 80s, and their ideas for how to continue the series today.

Presented by Alexander Jones and Richard Martin.

Graphics by Alexander Jones

Running Time: 34:27






5/1/2016. The Most Disappointing Films of 2015

AJ, Jeremy and Evan discuss their biggest disappointments of 2015 (in film, not just in general).

You can find a detailed analysis HERE.

Presented by Alexander Jones, Evan Forester and Jeremy V.

Graphics by Alexander Jones

Opening/Closing music is "I T S U" by MCHNCL

Running Time: 54:50